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Hearing those three words, “You have cancer,” is always hard, and to say the diagnosis can leave you feeling disoriented and confused is a gross understatement. Following a diagnosis, one the best things you can do is to look toward the future and figure out a plan of action. The first step? Discovering your best treatment options.

There are several treatments available for individuals with mesothelioma, but the type of treatment often varies based on the type of cancer, the severity of the cancer, and the condition of the individual. In order to find out what treatment is best for you, make sure you’re familiar with some of the most popular treatment options.

Some of the most popular mesothelioma treatments include:


Although surgery may seem like the most obvious option following a cancer diagnosis, it isn’t always viable. You may think the primary objective is to remove the cancer from the body, which would mean surgery is a go-to, however, certain types of cancer may make surgical removal impossible.

With some types of mesothelioma, like pleural mesothelioma, surgery can remove the cancerous tissues, such as the cancer-infested lining of the lung, or a cancerous tumor, preventing the disease from spreading further. In most cases, surgical removal is ideal for patients with earlier stages of cancer. However, surgery may not be an option if the cancer has spread to too many parts of the body or if it has affected an organ that cannot be safely removed.


As with most cancers, chemotherapy is a favored treatment option. Through chemotherapy, individuals with mesothelioma can hope to minimize the appearance of cancer cells. According to several studies, the use of chemotherapy has been proven to extend survival rates in mesothelioma patients.


Radiation therapy targets specific areas of the body, killing mesothelioma cells in that immediate area. Usually, radiation is used as a follow-up after surgery, or in conjunction with chemotherapy.

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