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Helping Concussion Victims Bring Lawsuits Against the NCAA

The NCAA is facing a new lawsuit on the behalf of a football player—who competed in the 1950s.  A lineman at SMU, the man at the center of our newest suit allegedly suffered multiple brain injuries during his time as an NCAA athlete.  Football players today still suffer sub-concussive and concussive injuries from the force of colliding with another player or the ground.  In the 1950s, when...

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Former Syracuse Player Announces Retirement Because of Head Injury

Concussions have forced talented athletes to retire from the sport they love sooner than anticipated. Sadly, many of these players’ careers might not have been cut short had their coaches and teams followed proper concussion protocol. Below, we discuss the case of former Syracuse player Mike Clark, one of the victims of this negligence. Why Mike Clark Retired From Football In late December 2019,...

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NFL Acknowledges Link Between Concussions and CTE in Pro Football Players

For the National Football League, it has been anathema to publicly admit that there was any type of correlation between the hits players took in the game and their later diagnoses of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. As one can imagine, acknowledging a link potentially opens a can of liability for the NFL and paves the way for an avalanche of claims from former players and their families. The...

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Can premises liability laws apply when someone suffers a concussion?

Concussions are serious health issues, falling into the category of traumatic brain injuries. Depending on the severity of the concussion, injured parties can recuperate for days or weeks, and some may be left with lingering effects that may wind up being permanent. Here in the United States, the top causes of TBI are: Violence Transportation accidents Construction incidents Sports injuries But...

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Has a Concussion Sidelined Your Budding Athlete?

Parents love to cheer their kids on from the sidelines as they make a tackle or score a goal for their team. Children’s athletics have many positives, and participation can build character and self-esteem, forge friendships and camaraderie and help kids stay fit. All of these are positive takeaways that can help mold boys and girls into responsible, well-rounded and healthy young men and women....

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Planning a Winter Vacation on the Slopes? Beware of Concussions from Ski Accidents

Winter in south Texas is usually not a big deal, but that doesn’t stop many residents for heading for the slopes in Colorado, Wyoming and other northwestern states. Packing up the family for a winter vacation of skiing and snowboarding can be lots of fun, but if a loved one suffers a concussion after taking a spill, the consequences can wind up being quite severe. Winter sports and traumatic...

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