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Potential Mesothelioma Threats to Navy Veterans

In the Navy, officers face many risks. However, few knew until recently about the near-constant threat of asbestos-related illnesses. There were numerous buildings, vehicles, and areas in which naval officers were exposed to dangerous asbestos components. While on the job, Navy officers could inhale asbestos from surrounding parts or the environment, potentially taking dangerous particles home...

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Veterans Exposed to Asbestos on Navy Ships – How This Happened

Thousands of shipyard workers and navy veterans were exposed to asbestos on navy ships because many products manufactured with asbestos commonly made their way to the navy. This durable and fireproof material was considered cheap and effective for handling extreme temperatures and fire. Because of these miraculous properties, the mineral was deemed safe. It is now known that asbestos exposure...

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Asbestos on Navy Ships – Serving Your Country at a Price

Thousands of veterans with mesothelioma have hired lawyers and received compensation. Unfortunately, testing performed as early as 1939 informed the United States about how highly toxic the nature of asbestos on Navy ships truly was. An escalation of warfare in Europe was apparent and an inevitable war prevailed. War ships were desperately needed and those leading the charge elected to move...

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Asbestos on Navy Ships Put Millions at Risk

Asbestos on navy ships exposed millions of military veterans to a dangerous carcinogen, known to cause severe illnesses—including asbestosis and mesothelioma, as well as lung and other cancers. More than 10,000 people are diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases each year, with the majority of them exposed in an occupational setting. Navy veterans are among the largest group of workers diagnosed...

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