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Integrative Oncologists Offer (Their Own) Rules of the Road

Every cancer patient is different. A certain treatment plan may work well for one and not work at all for another. This is one of the many reasons doctors work one-on-one with patients to design the best plan to treat the individual. Individual treatment plans certainly offer promise, but integrative oncologists have just a few things to add. James W. Forsythe, MD, HMD is a 40-year oncology...

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Cancer Survival Rates On the Rise

Some cancer statistics can sound dismal, while others offer a ray of hope. Well, some of the world’s most respected cancer research teams have some good news to share—news that will give many cancer patients more than just a ray of hope. A recent Time magazine article titled “The Conspiracy to End Cancer,” reported that individuals diagnosed with cancer have a better chance of survival today...

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Deadly Fibers and DIY Floor Removal: How to Protect Your Health, Family and Home

Thanks to a decrease in expendable income and a rise in the number of popular home improvement shows and do-it-yourself websites, doing it yourself is more popular (and trendier) than ever before. While it is perfectly ok to handle your own home improvement project, it is important to do it safely. Earlier this month, a report about the dangers of do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement projects...

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Astronomy may Guide New Mesothelioma Cell Analysis Technique

In order to properly diagnose many rare cancers such as mesothelioma, doctors must examine a tissue biopsy through a microscope so that they can identify any abnormal or cancerous cells. However, researchers in the U.K. indicate that microscopic analysis may become obsolete if doctors are able to borrow an automated process from astronomers. In a study recently published in the British Journal...

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