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Were Air Force Veterans Exposed to Asbestos?

Until the 1970s, the United States military largely ignored the health risks posed by asbestos. The material was highly desirable, affordable, and easy to acquire, which is why asbestos was widely used in the military for so long. Unfortunately, this deadly material was used in military facilities throughout the country, especially those utilized by the Air Force. The United States Airforce not...

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Are Recent Army Veterans At Risk for Asbestos Exposure?

Most people think of asbestos exposure as a thing of the past, however, many would be shocked to learn that asbestos exposure is still a very prominent issue within our country’s military. If you or someone you love is an army veteran, make sure you know about the dangers of asbestos exposure within the army. About Asbestos Exposure Asbestos is a fiber once used in several different types of...

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The Link Between Union Work & Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure is not restricted to a specific age, gender, class, or occupation: This toxic and carcinogenic mineral has affected millions of Americans from every area of the country, due to its unchecked use in building construction prior to 1979. However, an increasing body of evidence shows some occupations are exposed to asbestos more frequently than others. Between the years of 1940 and...

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Potential Mesothelioma Threats to Navy Veterans

In the Navy, officers face many risks. However, few knew until recently about the near-constant threat of asbestos-related illnesses. There were numerous buildings, vehicles, and areas in which naval officers were exposed to dangerous asbestos components. While on the job, Navy officers could inhale asbestos from surrounding parts or the environment, potentially taking dangerous particles home...

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Veterans Exposed to Asbestos on Navy Ships – How This Happened

Thousands of shipyard workers and navy veterans were exposed to asbestos on navy ships because many products manufactured with asbestos commonly made their way to the navy. This durable and fireproof material was considered cheap and effective for handling extreme temperatures and fire. Because of these miraculous properties, the mineral was deemed safe. It is now known that asbestos exposure...

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Mesothelioma Veterans – What You Should Know

Mesothelioma in veterans is unfortunately becoming a prominent diagnosis for those who served in the Navy. Decades ago, materials made from asbestos were used for constructing many military ships. The material was ideal because of its ability to endure substantial hits from both heat and fire. It became a choice material for the navy making asbestos on navy ships not only required but it was...

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