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If you are planning to file a personal injury claim as a result of illness following asbestos exposure, the mesothelioma attorney you choose can potentially make a world of difference in your success at winning that claim. As such, no one should take the decision of which lawyer or law firm to go with lightly. Even more importantly, you need to be aware of some red flags signaling that a particular mesothelioma lawyer is not all he or she is claiming to be.

Warning Sign Number 1: He Plans to Pass Your Case Off to Another Firm

Beware of any mesothelioma attorney that does not explicitly say that he or she plans to handle your case in-house. Many people do not realize that a shocking number of firms that claim to specialize in asbestos-related cases are more so in the business of distributing cases amongst other firms, rather than handling those cases themselves. In return for this “service,” the original firm will receive a portion of the fee associated with your case. However, this brokerage service of sorts is not necessarily at all in your best interest and should be avoided when at all possible.

Warning Sign Number 2: He Has Fewer Than Five Years of Experience in Asbestos Cases Specifically

Do not be fooled: the asbestos legal world is complicated and multifaceted, with only well-seasoned attorneys possessing the necessary advantages to win a tough case. These individuals will have a solid understanding of the science behind asbestos exposure and can navigate the complex body of medical knowledge required of experts on mesothelioma. If you are considering an attorney with less that at least a few years on asbestos cases, look elsewhere. Even if he or she has fifty years of general legal experience, a quality mesothelioma attorney will have at least five to ten years of experience in mesothelioma cases specifically.

Warning Sign Number 3: He is Unwilling or Unable to Provide Details on Past Cases or References from Past Clients

A telltale sign of an either inexperienced or subpar attorney is the inability or unwillingness to essentially back up his or her word. Remember—lawyers tend to be well spoken and easily convincing as a breed. Don’t sign on the dotted line without verifying that any mesothelioma attorney you may be considering really can do what he or she says. Ask for a list of satisfied former clients and do your fact-checking that way, in addition to asking for information from the attorney, directly, about how he or she has fared in cases similar to yours. This second step is important, because mesothelioma cases can vary greatly in detail and scope. Ascertain that the lawyer of your choosing is experienced in successfully representing claimants whose cases were equivalent, even if not similar, to yours.