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Mesothelioma victims’ most pressing questions about legal representation are answered in the following article— including where, when and how to retain a quality law firm and what can be done to begin preparing for the courtroom long before the gavel strikes.

If you are in need of an attorney for mesothelioma case settlement, you are not alone. Mesothelioma litigation is a multi-million dollar business, with high-profile cases and media attention galore. But unfortunately, the infamy behind personal injury law connected to asbestos-related illnesses does not often prepare newly diagnosed victims for the complex legal journey ahead of them. If you have questions about the role you can expect to be played by your attorney in mesothelioma claims pursuits, read on.

“What’s a lawyer going to do for me now, when I’m already sick?”

Sadly, most all victims of mesothelioma did not realize at the time of exposure to asbestos-containing materials that they were in danger or at any risk for future health consequences. But even sadder is the reality that many of the companies that made and installed those materials did. While legal recourse cannot cure your illness or rewind time and prevent the toxic exposure that caused it, it can go a long way in holding the parties responsible accountable for their negligence. Additionally, the money collected in a successful settlement can go a long way in offsetting the often-exorbitant costs of medical treatment and also give some peace of mind to grieving family members in the aftermath of your passing.

It’s important to retain an attorney for mesothelioma claim filing as soon as you are diagnosed, so that your case may begin immediately.

“Aren’t lawyers expensive—how am I supposed to pay for this, on top of all my other sudden expenses?”

Any attorney in mesothelioma claim litigation is going to bill you on what is called a contingency basis. This will be explained in detail as part of the contract you sign with your individual attorney, but essentially – you will only pay your attorney after (and if) he or she wins your case or successfully negotiates an asbestos settlement on your behalf. A percentage – usually in the forty to fifty range – will be paid out after your receive your money, as compensation for any and all legal fees accumulated throughout the course of your case. In this sense, you have no “out of pocket” fees associated with hiring an attorney for mesothelioma claims filing.

“I don’t know anything about personal injury lawsuits—who am I supposed to hire and how will I know that they stand a chance to win?”

There are many attorneys in mesothelioma personal injury law. Ideally, you can ask people you know (perhaps former co-workers) for recommendations, but in a pinch, even some diligent Internet research should yield a sizable pool of candidates. Be sure to ask lots of questions before settling on a firm – namely, how many cases like yours the firm has handled, how successful they were in those cases and what they believe they can do for you.