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The amount of money you pay out of pocket for mesothelioma treatment will largely depend on where you receive health insurance from—whether it be from your employer, an individual plan, or Medicare.

Read on to learn more about health insurance coverage for mesothelioma.

Cancer Treatment Is Often Expensive

Unfortunately, treating mesothelioma can become quite costly. Health insurance does help make the treatment less expensive, but it may still be unaffordable.

Health insurance policies tend to cover most of the expenses related to mesothelioma treatment, although, what you end up paying out of pocket will depend on the type of treatments you receive, where they are administered, and what kind of health insurance policy you are covered by.

Insurance Sponsored By Your Employer

If your employer sponsors your health insurance, your coverage will likely be more affordable than other types of policies. The reason for this is that employers are able to purchase group plans, which in turn provide employees with better coverage terms.

Private Individual Insurance Plans

Unfortunately, these types of policies do not often provide adequate coverage at an affordable rate for patients. Most people with private individual policies typically pay higher monthly premiums.

Government-Sponsored Health Insurance

Programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and VA Health Care often help pay for mesothelioma treatments for those who qualify.

Medicare is available to U.S. residents over age 65 who have paid into the system throughout the course of their careers.

Medicaid helps pay for medical care for low-income U.S. residents.

Veterans may receive low-cost or free mesothelioma treatments from the U.S. Veterans Health Administration.

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