How To Hire A Lawyer For Mesothelioma Claims Filing: A Step-By-Step Guide | Shrader Law
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Before you can even think about collecting a settlement, you’ll need to take the first step of hiring a lawyer for mesothelioma claim-filing on your behalf. This can actually be done quickly and painlessly if you follow the three simple steps outlined below. Read on to find out how to find the perfect attorney for your case.

Step One: Make a List of Possible Options

One thing you’ll quickly learn as you begin your search is that there are a lot of options when looking for a lawyer for mesothelioma victims. With so many firms to choose from, you can de-complicate the process by whittling down a list of just two or three possibilities. It’s always a good idea to get personal recommendations, if possible. If you are a victim of occupational asbestos exposure, you can contact former co-workers or their families who might have already been through the legal process to get the names of their attorneys. You might also make contacts through a mesothelioma support group, who may also be able to point you in the right direction.

Step Two: Contact Each Mesothelioma Attorney on Your List and Schedule a Consultation

Once you have a couple of options in mind, you can set up a consultation with the lawyers who have made it into your final pool. Most firms should offer free consultations with one of their attorneys, saving you the costly fees often associated with that initial attorney meeting. However, to save yourself time and effort, it may be wise to do a little research on each of your candidates and schedule only one consultation with the top pick afterwards. If you end up not feeling at ease with your first possible choice after the meeting, you can always go back and review your other picks.

Be sure and ask good and comprehensive questions during this meeting about both your particular case and the firm’s case history. Some good examples include:

-How many cases like mine have you represented?

-What were the results of those cases?

-How many years of experience do you have with mesothelioma cases?

-What might you expect from my case?

Step Three: Hire a Lawyer for Mesothelioma Claims Filing

After you’ve had a successful initial consultation with an attorney from a qualified and reputable firm, you should be ready to sign a contract for representation and get started on your case. Be sure to read the fine print as you’re filling out the paperwork required when retaining any lawyer for mesothelioma claim-filing.

Certain parts of the contract deserve particular attention from you, including the portion that outlines the payment of legal fees. You’ll want to verify that the amount of the contingency fee stated in the contract is the same as the amount previously discussed between you and your lawyer during the initial consultation—usually somewhere around 40 percent of your final settlement amount.