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Johnson & Johnson Under Criminal Investigation

Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest health care empire. Over the years, “America’s most admired lawbreaker” has earned a reputation for price gouging the market, contributing to the opioid epidemic, buying politicians, profiting from highly-addictive drugs, and knowingly selling dangerous and defective products to the public. There are currently 14,200 active lawsuits alleging that...

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You Have the Right to Opt Out of Class Action Lawsuits and Decisions

Consumers sometimes receive notifications saying that they have been listed as plaintiffs in class action lawsuits. The litigation may be something that appears to be rather frivolous, such as whether or not all the ingredients in a breakfast bar labeled as “natural” actually are. In cases like that, opting out of class action lawsuits may not matter, as there is not much at stake in the first...

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