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An asbestos cancer attorney will be your go-to person when seeking legal recourse for mesothelioma or another, related diagnosis. A qualified legal professional will act as your representative and advocate—fighting for your rights and protecting your legal interests. From filing a mesothelioma lawsuit on your behalf to negotiating a settlement to compensate you for your injuries, your lawyer will be there every step of the way.

Because of the monumental role your asbestos cancer attorney will play in your mesothelioma claim experience, you’ll want to take great care in choosing a legal professional to handle your case. It’s highly advisable that you seek out a firm with substantial experience in asbestos injury litigation, specifically, as this particular area of personal injury law is characterized by highly technical medical and scientific subject matter that requires specialized knowledge and training. And because any attorney can claim to specialize in asbestos law, you’ll want to verify those claims to ensure that your chosen attorney is of the upmost quality and integrity.

Ask for asbestos cancer attorney recommendations, particularly from former co-workers who may have been in the same position that you find yourself in now. Take advantage of the free consultations that most reputable firms will offer. Ask any attorney that you are considering for a detailed case history and don’t be afraid to inquire about the results he or she has had with cases like yours. You may also want to ask for a list of references—satisfied past clients (or representatives authorized to speak on those clients’ behalf, such as family members) who can vouch for the history an attorney is providing you.

It is especially important that you find and retain an attorney that you can count on and trust when you find yourself in the midst of a major health crisis. While you are undergoing treatment for asbestos cancer, an attorney will be the one responsible for following through on your case—from beginning to end. From the time that your case is filed to the point where you actually receive your asbestos settlement, you will require competent and aggressive legal representation.

The actual process behind asbestos injury litigation is complex but also fairly simple and straightforward.

Essentially, after retaining an attorney for your representation, you and your attorney will choose which court or courts to file your claim in; then, your attorney will handle the actual drafting of the necessary paperwork and submit it to the judge (or judges, as it may be). From there, a process server will deliver a copy of your claim to the defendant in your case—after which, the defendant will have the opportunity to respond accordingly (within a set frame of time).

In most cases, the defendant will refute your claim of negligent responsibility, and the discovery process will commence. Both sides will be required to produce evidence proving their respective side. If no settlement is reached by the time the trial date rolls around, both parties (with their respective attorneys) will produce the previously addressed evidence before a judge or jury, who will then determine the outcome of the case.