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Every year, thousands of the 10,000 or so victims affected by negligent exposure seek out the help of a highly specialized legal professional called an asbestos cancer attorney. Why? Because there are currently billions sitting in asbestos trust funds, intended for individuals like you-who have fallen seriously ill after being carelessly and callously exposed to known toxin and carcinogen.

With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to secure a substantial trial award or settlement-courtesy of the party or parties responsible for your injury and subsequent illness. These funds can go a long way in covering medical and other related expenses as well as lost wages resulting from disability-induced unemployment.

Many victims of mesothelioma cancer and other asbestos-linked illnesses have never had occasion to hire or work with a lawyer before. If this describes you, be sure to review the following suggestions for forming an effective team with your asbestos cancer attorney.

Don’t hire an attorney without a personal consultation first.

Most law firms that specialize in asbestos cases offer free consultations to potential clients. This initial meeting is an opportunity for you and your prospective attorney to interview one another. The attorney will be aiming to confirm the validity of your claim and gauge the eligibility of your case for a future trial. You should be focused on finding out more about the attorney and firm, in order to determine if you’ve found the right fit for you case…or if it’s best to keep looking. Things to ask about include: the attorney’s years of experience in asbestos-related litigation and results in recent cases similar to yours, as well as what will be needed from you specifically throughout the course of the legal journey.

Begin gathering documentation of medical diagnoses and treatment, as well as any past employment paperwork.

During the discovery portion of your case, your asbestos cancer attorney will need to compile evidence to prove your claim-both as groundwork for trial and as a means of pushing the defendant(s) toward making a settlement offer. The firm you retain for your representation will likely conduct a thorough and detailed investigation of their own regarding your past exposure to asbestos. But you will probably be asked to provide certain documentation that is in your possession as well.

Find out from the get-go what your attorney’s office prefers as a primary mode of communication with clients-as well as what you can expect for a standard response time.

You’ll want to ask during your consultation meeting, and also confirm upon signing a contract for representation, exactly how your asbestos law firm handles client communication. Do they prefer email or telephone correspondence? And how long does it typically take to get a response? Do they have some kind of policy or guarantee to this regard?