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Filing a lawsuit can seem extremely intimidating, especially if you have little, or no, legal experience under your belt. However, you can rest easy knowing that your involvement in your case can be as minimal or as extensive as you wish. When you decide to file a mesothelioma lawsuit, you are choosing to stand up for your rights and take action against those who wronged you. When you work with an experienced, knowledgeable asbestos attorney, you do not need to be more involved in your case than you wish to be. That being said, there are a few things you may choose to do to improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

If you are involved in a mesothelioma lawsuit, find out what you need to do to make the most of your case.

The Role of the Plaintiff

The person with mesothelioma, the plaintiff, is the central cause of the case and, as such, has a significant role in the lawsuit. The plaintiff is the critical witness, which means he or she has the most information about how the disease occurred, what conditions were present, the symptoms that followed, and so on. For this reason, the plaintiff must be able to recall these details, document them, and share them with their legal team and the court.

Details make a compelling case, which is why you need to be able to tell your attorney as much as you can about your illness and the situation that brought it on. The more information your attorney has, the better equipped he or she will be to advocate for your rights.

Knowing the Legal Process

For most plaintiffs, the majority of their involvement occurs at the beginning of their case and declines quickly. Once they have provided their statement and helped their attorney gather the proper information, their legal team will do the footwork by conducting an investigation and finding the best legal argument and subsequent course of action. After this stage, much of the plaintiff’s job is complete. However, if you still wish to be involved in your case, you can discuss your options with your lawyer.

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