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There are several unique sources of support available to help with the medical, financial and emotional effects of mesothelioma in navy veterans. A few examples include help with paying bills and getting healthcare through the U.S. government, emotional support and networking opportunities through support groups and other non-profits and mesothelioma legal advice and guidance through private practice attorneys specializing in asbestos injury cases.

The VA’s Office Can Provide a Variety of Help for Mesothelioma in Navy Veterans

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs offers several different types of assistance to injured military veterans, including those who were harmed by navy or shipyard asbestos. General VA benefits available to U.S. military veterans include life support, pension, homes loans, tuition assistance and more.

Disability compensation, which vets with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions are eligible to receive, is provided through a claims process that requires proof and verification of a documented disability. This compensation is paid out to vets who are unable to work and need help paying bills and for living expenses.

Medical treatment for mesothelioma in navy veterans is also paid for by the VA and provided at VA hospitals and treatment centers around the country.

Support Groups and Victims’ Rights Organizations Offer Personal and Emotional Support

Victims’ advocacy organizations, like the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, provide information, referrals to specialists and more to navy veterans, in addition to raising both research funding and awareness for the disease itself. Such organizations can also connect mesothelioma victims with support groups made up of other individuals whose lives have been impacted by exposure to asbestos and its related illnesses.

Legal Professionals Can Help Vets File Asbestos Injury Claims and Receive Significant Compensatory Damages

Finally, law firms specializing in asbestos tort cases can provide support by offering specialized legal advice. They can also help by filing personal injury claims involving mesothelioma for navy veterans so that those injured can get the compensation that they deserve from the companies that manufactured the asbestos, which ultimately led to their illness.

Some proud vets may be concerned that hiring an attorney and seeking damages will mean going after the navy directly, but that is not the case. Claims are not filed against the United States Military but rather against the private enterprises that provided asbestos products to the navy and other military branches.

Those businesses have now been revealed to have had inside knowledge and awareness of the serious health consequences that human exposure to asbestos carried, yet they negligently failed to share that information with contractors, installers and perhaps even the military itself. While virtually all asbestos-profiting businesses are now long-since bankrupt, victims’ trusts set up by their remaining assets continue to pay out new and developing claims to victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos-caused illnesses today and into the future.