Triumphing Over A Mesothelioma Diagnosis: Maintaining Your Faith And Emotional Quality Of Life In The Face Of Adversity | Shrader Law
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mesothelioma diagnosis will undoubtedly change your life forever – but it doesn’t have to defeat you. Anyone CAN overcome the adversity that malignant mesothelioma introduces, ultimately enjoying a higher quality of life and emotional state than may have ever been experienced pre-diagnosis. In fact, many people in hospice care have reported a greater sense of satisfaction than they had ever imagined, only after receiving a terminal diagnosis. Sound impossible? Don’t be so sure just yet – read on and find out how to make the most of the present by simply taking control of your here and now.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

After receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis, you’ll first want to organize yourself for the best possible outcome – meaning that you should first align yourself with a qualified and knowledgeable medical team, who will help you choose your best course of cancer treatment. You’ll also want to secure legal representation through an experienced and competent asbestos attorney. He or she will be able to help you understand your options for legal recourse and will also be able to prepare a lawsuit against any negligent parties that may have caused your illness.

Have a Little Chicken Soup for the Soul

When facing down a mesothelioma diagnosis, you’ll want to make sure that you are taking the best possible care of your body – especially in terms of nutrition. You should immediately begin focusing on the implementation of a vitamin- and nutrient-packed diet that includes a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Not only will being in optimal health give you the best chance of treatment success, but it will also contribute to your emotional health and state of mind as well.

Of equal importance is the nourishment of your spiritual health. Whether this means getting more involved in church, taking a self-led spiritual journey or discovering faith for the first time – research shows that spirituality and religion play a key role for those coping with a terminal illness.

Live Life on YOUR Terms

This is the time to take control of your own life and do the things you’ve always wanted to but haven’t for whatever reason. For some people, that means taking long-planned vacations. For others, it means resolving a long-held grudge or repairing the rift in an oft-neglected relationship. Whatever “unfinished business” you feel you have in your life, let your mesothelioma diagnosis act as a catalyst to move forward and find a resolution.

A survey of patients in hospice care showed that people most regretted the things that they hadn’t done, over the things that they had done. In other words, mistakes of the past held significantly less weight than dreams that were never followed through on. Now is the time to, as they say, “seize the day.” Take advantage of the time you have to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do.