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In early July, a press release was issued regarding 10 states and the District of Columbia all taking legal action against the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over their asbestos rules. The lawsuit states that the EPA has failed to regulate asbestos in a way that keeps individuals safe.

Before the lawsuit, the attorneys general petitioned to the EPA in an effort to have a new rule created that would make data collection a requirement to help understand the importation and use of asbestos. Here is more about the lawsuit and the problems regarding asbestos use.

What the Lawsuit Says

In April, the EPA denied the petition that would have forced them to set up new regulations to provide data regarding asbestos use. This new rule could have helped to ensure the regulatory decisions made by the EPA would be in line with best available science. Now, the lawsuits against the EPA states that new regulations would be necessary under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

This includes the rulemaking to help with:

  • Elimination of all naturally occurring substances as a reporting exemption when it comes to asbestos use
  • Requiring asbestos processors, importers, and manufacturers to report asbestos
  • Ensuring that asbestos does not fall under the impurities exemption when it comes to Chemical Data Reporting
  • Requiring reporting on all important items that may contain asbestos

The overall goal of the lawsuit is to force the EPA to put strict regulations on the use of asbestos and the definitions used when the toxic fibers are used. As of now, there are too many ways for manufacturers, importers, and processors to get asbestos through the current regulations.

We know that asbestos exposure can cause significant harm, including the development of mesothelioma. This can create lifelong problems for any patient and because of the latency period, it’s often caught too late and treatment is not a realistic option.

At Shrader & Associates, our mesothelioma lawyers work with you to help you understand your rights if you’ve suffered from this terrible condition due to someone else’s actions. If you’ve spent your life exposed to asbestos, you may have legal rights and options available to you.

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