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Many victims seeking mesothelioma claims have found out that their job exposed them to asbestos and they now have lung cancer. Many of these victims smoke cigarettes and they want to pursue their legal rights but fear the other side will claim their tobacco habit caused their cancer instead of their asbestos exposure. These victims want to know:

Q: Is it pointless to try filing suit after a mesothelioma diagnosis if you smoke?

A: Many mesothelioma cancer attorneys consider this question when taking on a case of a mesothelioma victim who also smoked for many years. Clearly, there are two factors in a person’s life that could increase the risk of developing lung cancer. First is a smoking habit. Second, asbestos exposure could increase this statistic as well. While it is impossible to determine that one factor caused the cancer while the other did not, it is possible to say that both factors greatly increased risk. Whether mesothelioma claims are filed, regardless of the legal implications of your smoking, can vary between states. Victims of mesothelioma have enough to worry about concerning their health. Try not to focus on these points – rather, allow asbestos attorneys to contend with analyzing your specific situation and exposure history, current medical diagnosis and the laws for your jurisdiction to define exactly what your legal rights should be.

Q: I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma. I worked in the asbestos industry 30 years ago. Is it too late to file mesothelioma claims?

A: Most states do have a statute of limitations for mesothelioma victims to file a lawsuit, but most are dependent upon when you were diagnosed to the time you actually file a mesothelioma claim – not how long ago you were exposed to asbestos. Not every state follows these guidelines, so make sure you check with a quality asbestos law firm to learn what your state will allow. For victims of mesothelioma, it is important to focus on their healthcare and plan of action to manage the cancer. Permit a mesothelioma lawyer to navigate the legal landscape. They have handled countless asbestos lawsuits and will advise you appropriately on your individual rights and options.

Q: We have a family member that worked in construction and came home every night covered in asbestos dust. A member of their household recently died of mesothelioma. Can they file a lawsuit?

A: This is a familiar scenario. An employee that handled asbestos had a family that he came home to every night – covered in asbestos fibers. Now, brushing up against him and hugging or sitting next to him exposed family members. Mesothelioma attorneys are familiar with these cases of second-hand asbestos exposure and the laws applying to this situation. Again, the laws will vary from state to state. Making sure you have a competent and experienced asbestos attorney on your side is most important