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Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis is quite devastating. It is a rare form of cancer affecting the lining of the abdominal or chest cavities. Scientifically linked to airborne asbestos particles, this cancer is not gender specific. From naturally occurring fibrous minerals, asbestos fibers are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It was a common go-to for thermal insulation and construction as a fire retardant up until the late 1970’s. Unbelievably, it is still used in some products today. Regulations that were put in place in the 1980’s do, however, limit is use.

Mesothelioma cancer is linked with asbestos fiber minerals used heavily for their naturally fire retardant properties up until the late 1970’s. It was used in the ship building industry, especially in navy vessels. It was also used in the construction industry in everything from tiles to wall insulation. Many homes today still contain asbestos. The material is considered not dangerous unless it is disturbed. Hazmat teams are used to remove the material from old homes and buildings and they are regulated by law to dispose of asbestos safely.

When victims receive a mesothelioma diagnosis, they should learn that they probably inhaled or swallowed the fibers while working or living in close proximity to them. Most doctors will recommend a multidisciplinary treatment approach to a mesothelioma diagnosis. This normally delivers a more favorable outcome and offers patients the availability of a more advanced management of care, surgical practices and clinical trials.

If a treatment facility for mesothelioma includes a multidisciplinary specialists team, make sure they are determined to provide patients with the most advanced program options available to fight their condition. It is important to include immediate family that will also be involved in the care of the patient. Support and education should be given so that they also are aware of the details for their family member’s mesothelioma prognosis.

An experienced and committed health care system and team should include:

  • Nurse care professionals who have had advanced training and experience with mesothelioma patients
  • Navigators provided to patients either in person or electronically with reminders and important information about medications and treatments
  • Assigned therapists for respiratory and pulmonary issues the patient will probably develop after a mesothelioma diagnosis
  • Registered dieticians that are aware of the nutritional struggles for meso patients
  • Cancer counselors that work with a family on issues for both patient and family members

After receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis, you will also want to find a medical institution that is heavily involved in research and clinical trials. Find out when patients with your condition are eligible for mesothelioma treatments involving clinical trials. New research and development for diseases is the key to finding new cures or treatments that can prolong your life.