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Section I: Asbestos Exposure – The Main Cause for Mesothelioma

A Month-Long Series on Information You Should Know about Mesothelioma

This month, we will explore mesothelioma in a series dedicated to the lifecycle of mesothelioma. This lifecycle will include discussions in phases of the disease and also discussions involving a victim’s legal rights and what type of legal representation is the best for successful trial or settlement.

Articles in Section I will include discussions on asbestos exposure, mesothelioma symptoms and the effects of the disease on the veteran community with asbestos on navy ships and veterans with mesothelioma.

Articles in Section II will provide information on receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma, mesothelioma prognosis, malignant mesothelioma and the types of mesothelioma such as peritoneal mesothelioma.

Articles in Section III will detail how to find a mesothelioma attorney. There are many types of asbestos law firms fighting these types of tort cases. Any victim of mesothelioma should know it is important to recognize the characteristics to look for when securing an asbestos cancer lawyer, mesothelioma lawyer, an asbestos law firm or any attorney for mesothelioma.

Articles in Section IV will discuss information pertaining to the mesothelioma survival rate and mesothelioma life expectancy. Both topics are difficult to embrace but necessary to know so that affairs can be put in order.

All articles in this series are designed to provide you with helpful information in dealing with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma causes are mostly seen in connection with exposure to asbestos. Nearly every patient diagnosed with mesothelioma came in contact with asbestos — the leading cause of this aggressive cancer — at some point. Exposure to the deadly mineral often occurs on the job, from nature or secondhand.

Once commercial companies expanded the use of asbestos during the 20th century, mesothelioma was tracked as appearing in the lungs and the abdomen. After decades of advance asbestos exposure, more research was completed and specialists labeled it as one of the primary mesothelioma causes.

Gradually, studies have identified that breathing in micro asbestos fibers initiates a chain of physical and metabolic events that lead to the development of several types of diseases and incurable breathing disorders. Research has also shown that all forms of asbestos cause mesothelioma.

Most people’s mesothelioma causes occurred after asbestos exposure at work. The highest risk for contracting an asbestos-related illness is working directly with the raw mineral or with products that contain asbestos on a daily basis. Some of the most dominant instances of exposure involved the following occupations:

  • Insulators
  • Boiler Workers
  • Shipyard Workers
  • Power Plant Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Industrial Workers
  • Auto Mechanics
  • Chemical Plant Workers

Mesothelioma treatment varies depending upon in which the stage the cancer has been diagnosed and the overall health of the patient. Most mesothelioma specialists will use radiation, chemotherapy and surgery to treat the disease. None has been proven a cure for the cancer.