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An experienced asbestos attorney knows that victims of mesothelioma deserve to have their day in court. It has been proven time and time again that the cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. The majority of cases, upwards of 80%, are caused by exposure in the work place. Mesothelioma lies dormant for decades before symptoms become apparent to patient and doctor. Because it can take decades to diagnose mesothelioma, average patients are normally given a 2 year mesothelioma life expectancy. Once experienced medical professionals have a plan in place for you to follow it is now time to contact an asbestos attorney.

An asbestos attorney can educate you about the monies you may be entitled to from a former employer or manufacturer of asbestos. Over the next two years, you or a family member will be taking various trips to see doctors and specialists and enduring many therapies and mesothelioma treatment. However, do not ignore the fact that someone is accountable for all of your pain and suffering not to mention your total exposure to asbestos in the first place. Asbestos exposure has become one of the largest tort filings in the United States. Over 600,000 cases have been filed regarding the issue. This type of litigation is reserved for anyone exposed to a large amount of asbestos and/or over a long period of time at their place of employment. The culprits responsible for the exposure are typically past employers, asbestos manufacturers, landlords, leasing agents or asbestos installers. They are considered responsible for making thousands fatally ill. Some cases are inclusive of family members that were exposed to the asbestos from their family that worked at the infected facilities.

The bottom line to these lawsuits is compensation – plain and simple. An asbestos attorney will seek financial recovery for medical expenses, unemployment, pain and suffering. On occasion, punitive damages are awarded and this serves to punish the defendants for their – in some cases – blatant disregard for the health of their employees. Some states have determined that asbestos exposure will most likely lead to an asbestos-related illness and are allowing victims to sue pre-diagnosis.

By filing a lawsuit, an asbestos attorney brings to light attention to the growing asbestos tragedy and the true dangers of asbestos exposureMesothelioma lawsuits are increasing as more attention and publicity arises. Hopefully, this will also help victims suffering with innocuous symptoms to realize they may actually be suffering from symptoms of mesothelioma.

It has already been proven that manufacturers of asbestos were well aware of the dangers posed by exposure to asbestos, even before the medical profession had caught on. The manufacturers endeavored to hide this information with reckless regards to the consequences of thousands of workers and their families – and they were successful for many years.

Hiring an asbestos attorney by thousands of victims has made those responsible for unlawfully exposing workers and their families literally pay for their crimes.