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For years, we have known that early detection of mesothelioma can help with treatment options despite there being no cure. However, it’s difficult to spot the early signs of mesothelioma because of the latency period associated with the condition.

Now, though, there may be new signs of one of the earliest indicators of mesothelioma being difficulty with swallowing. It is a rare early sign suggested by a case involving a Spanish mesothelioma patient and while it’s not a typical sign of the condition, the new study suggests we consider it as a possibility.


The medical term for swallowing problems is dysphagia, but there are numerous things that can cause this issue, including problems with the nervous system such as stroke, dementia, and more. Mouth or esophagus cancer can also result in dysphagia.

However, a recent Spanish mesothelioma patient had swallowing problems and it turned out to be the first sign of having something wrong. After further testing, it was determined that a mesothelioma tumor had developed on the esophagus, resulting in problems with the muscles used for swallowing.

Other Potential Early Warning Signs

Because of the highly fatal nature of mesothelioma, catching the earliest signs can help alleviate much of the pain that is felt early on. While there is no cure for mesothelioma, treatment can help the prognosis and keep patients as comfortable as possible.

Early indicators can be difficulty breathing, chest pain, and constant coughing. It’s imperative to understand how consistent testing can also be beneficial in getting through this in the most effective manner.

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