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One of the biggest obstacles for someone who suffers from mesothelioma is the latency period that makes early detection very difficult. However, there are some situations in which the doctors can get an idea of whether or not the condition is present early enough to provide some treatment.

While mesothelioma is not currently curable, there are some things to help prolong the life of someone who has it. Also, it’s possible to help allow the individual to alleviate some of the symptoms for a bit longer, making them as comfortable as possible given the situation.

The Various Treatments Available

Surgery: One of the treatments for mesothelioma can be surgery. This can be used during the early stages of mesothelioma to help remove the lining of the lungs where the cancerous tumor may live. However, because cancer cells can spread quickly, it can be nearly impossible to remove all of the cells from the body. This is not considered a cure for mesothelioma.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can be used to kill a number of the cancer cells, however, it can also result in damage to your normal cells. This gives the chance for your mesothelioma to come back and you should be monitored often when getting the chemotherapy.

Radiation: This is one of the most common treatment options for mesothelioma as it helps those whose health is declining and they may be unable to undergo chemotherapy or treatment. It works to kill cancer cells, and it can be used to help with many of the symptoms associated with the mesothelioma such as pain, shortness of breath, issues with swallowing, and bleeding.

At Shrader & Associates, we know how difficult it can be to be diagnosed with mesothelioma and getting treatment can be helpful with reliving some of the pain associated with the condition. Because of this, we work hard to protect those who have suffered from asbestos exposure.

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