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If you have mesothelioma symptoms or have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you most likely have a number of doctors’ appointments ahead of you. Doctors are very busy, especially specialists, and to prepare for what could be a very brief appointment it’s a good idea to have some information and questions ready before you even enter the doctor’s office. Here are some good tips to help you prepare for an appointment with your pulmonologist or mesothelioma doctor.

When you schedule a doctor’s appointment, be sure to ask whether there is anything you need to do in advance of your arrival at the doctor’s office, such as restrict your diet.

Keep track of all symptoms you experience, even if they don’t seem to be related to the reason you are visiting your doctor.

Write down personal information, including your own medical history and the medical history (as far as you know) of your parents and immediate family members.

Create a list of all medications (including over-the-counter medications), vitamins, and supplements you currently take.

Take someone with you. In many cases, a large amount of information is given in a short time when you visit the doctor. If you bring a friend or family member with you, they may help you to remember more.

Make a list of questions you would like to ask your doctor. Some common questions for a mesothelioma doctor may include:

  • What is causing my symptoms? Are there other possible causes?
  • Do I need any tests?
  • Do I need surgery?
  • Are there any alternative treatments I should know about?
  • Are there any generic versions of the drugs I am prescribed?
  • Do I need to adhere to any restrictions?
  • Is there a chance I need to see a specialist? If so, how much will this cost and will it be covered by my insurance?
  • Do you have any printed materials or brochures I can take with me? Is there a website you recommend that I visit for more information?
  • Will I need to schedule a follow-up visit?

In addition to these prepared questions you may want to ask your doctor, don’t hesitate to interrupt at any point of your appointment if there is something you don’t understand or you need clarified.