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Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis comes with a lot of uncertainty. You may be shocked, scared, depressed, or even angry to be facing this illness. Therapy can be a huge benefit for individuals coping with mesothelioma.

Exploring Your Feelings

When you discover that you have mesothelioma, it feels as though your world has gone upside down. This can be overwhelming; you may not even know how you feel. During therapy, you are able to sort through your feelings and process each emotion. This will help you better understand yourself.

Discovering Ways To Cope

Sometimes when people are overwhelmed by major life changes, they cope in harmful ways. This could be drug dependency, sleeping all day, binge eating, or not eating at all, etc. Therapy can help provide you with ideas for healthy ways to cope. This could include:

  • Setting a structured routine and following it
  • Regularly exercising
  • Finding a hobby
  • Spending time with loved ones

Stress Reduction

Stress and anxiety are things that a majority of people experience. When given an upsetting medical diagnosis, it can be hard not to fixate on the “what ifs” and become too stressed to function. In therapy, you can practice techniques for stress reduction, meditation, or even yoga. These activities focused on mindfulness can drastically improve your mental well-being.

Managing Physical Side Effects

Counseling can also help you cope with the side effects of your treatments. Mesothelioma treatment can be exhausting and could include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Surgery

These can all take a toll on the body, and a therapist can help support you through side effects like chronic pain or extreme fatigue.


If you so choose, a therapist can help you communicate with others about your illness and life changes. They may help discuss issues with your health team, family, and friends to ensure everyone is fully supporting you.

Decision Making

You may need to make important decisions about your medical care and your future. A therapist can talk you through these decisions and help you figure out what you want.

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