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For many mesothelioma patients, treatment options can help provide as comfortable a life as possible. While there is no cure for mesothelioma, many treatment options exist, and researchers may have just found another alternative.

According to recent news, a new trial, PROMISE-meso, shows that immunotherapy and pembrolizumab used together are effective in helping to treat mesothelioma. The findings, though, are inconsistent. Some patients had a great deal of success by undergoing immunotherapy for a long period, while others had failed to prevent the progression of the disorder.

Patients only have access to a few options when it comes to treatment, so the ability to find a method that can help once perfected is excellent news. In the study, researchers found that the survival prognosis for pembrolizumab and immunotherapy was 10.7 months on average. The average life expectancy with chemotherapy is 11.7 months. These two treatment options fall closely in line with each other.

As more options become available, the hope is that researchers will find an effective treatment that can prolong the life of a mesothelioma patient, as well as help lessen the impact of symptoms. Immunotherapy didn’t produce a better survival rate, but it is one step closer to helping patients find something that can work even better than what’s available.

Getting the Treatment You Need

With mesothelioma, early detection is the most effective way to get a treatment that can help extend your survival. However, it can feel as though getting treatment is impossible with the costs in healthcare. Your needs make legal action a necessity.

You may have developed mesothelioma because of asbestos exposure while working many years ago. You need to know your rights and our mesothelioma attorneys are here to help you understand them. At Shrader & Associates, L.L.P., we’re ready to fight for your best interests when you need it most.

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