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Mesothelioma does not develop overnight. It usually happens after long-term exposure of breathing in asbestos particles. However, no amount of asbestos exposure is safe for anyone.

What You Need to Know if You’ve Been Exposed to Asbestos

Just because someone is exposed to asbestos one time does not guarantee that they will develop mesothelioma. In fact, short-term exposure rarely causes mesothelioma according to doctors, but it is important to be aware of how much exposure you have been subjected to.

One of the most common places asbestos exposure occurs is in the workplace. People who work in the following fields could be subjected to asbestos:

  • Mining;
  • Factories;
  • Insulation manufacturing and installation;
  • Railroad;
  • Automotive;
  • Construction;
  • Gas mask manufacturing; and,
  • Plumbing.

In recent years, employers are aware of potential asbestos in these workplaces and have their employees and anyone nearby take precautions so there is limited, if any, exposure. For example, at construction sites, workers will section off areas where asbestos may be present and not allow anyone in that area without proper protection.

Additionally, it’s important for anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to asbestos at work to be cautious about the clothing they bring home. That’s because asbestos fibers can stay on clothes and potentially be inhaled by other family members if the clothes aren’t properly cleaned.

When Does Mesothelioma Develop?

Asbestos is the leading cause of mesothelioma, but as we shared, just because someone is exposed to asbestos doesn’t mean they’ll develop mesothelioma. The disease occurs usually after someone has long-term exposure to asbestos. That’s because the asbestos fibers collect together and build up more and more as someone is exposed to the fibers.

While it’s most common to develop mesothelioma after continued long-term exposure to asbestos, a large, singular event could also potentially create future issues for individuals. For example, after the devastation with the twin towers falling on September 11, 2001, several years later, firefighters reported complications due to breathing in toxic air.

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