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When you’ve been injured by asbestos exposure, a lawyer will be able to help you decide whether or not filing a lawsuit against the negligent parties responsible for that exposure is a viable option. You may wonder, why bother filing a lawsuit now? After all, you might reason, the damage has already been done.

But what may be slipping through the grasp of such logic is the fact that a successful asbestos settlement can garner $2 million dollars or more in compensatory damages. You also may not realize that most cases average only a year or a little more in length—from start to finish. It may not be known that an asbestos exposure lawyer is paid via a contingency fee, which is not collected until a settlement has been secured, meaning that you will not pay your attorney anything out-of-pocket!

The settlement you win can be used to cover medical expenses, as well as loss of wages, which you may suffer as a result of being out of work. Medical bills can be crippling—don’t simply accept them without seeking legal consultation and exploring your options for legal recourse. Your family and dependents will also benefit through a successful mesothelioma lawsuit. After you are gone, the funds from your settlement can help pay for bereavement costs. In addition, the settlement money can go a long way in providing for those you leave behind, in your absence.

When preparing for a claim relating to personal injury from asbestos exposure, the lawyer will be key in the results of your case. It is highly advisable to find an attorney who specializes in asbestos cases, ensuring that he or she will be very knowledgeable and experienced with mesothelioma victims and their legal needs. Don’t choose someone right out of law school or somehow who has trouble even pronouncing the name of your illness—both are surefire signs of inexperience. Find an attorney with five-plus years of successful mesothelioma and asbestos litigation under his or her belt. Talk to satisfied former clients to ensure confidence in your expectations.

Once the legal process has begun, help your attorney to secure your settlement by providing all requested information, including details of your work history or other applicable facts about your exposure. Your asbestos exposure attorney will know how to go about collecting the necessary evidence to prove the facts in your case. Comply with requests as thoroughly and promptly as possible, and respond quickly to any correspondence from your attorney’s office.

A high-quality law firm will treat you with the same courtesy as described above—keeping you informed throughout the course of your claim and soliciting your input on the process whenever possible. The attorney of your choosing should also be easy to contact and available to you when you have questions or concerns. Any legal pro worth your time and money will work for you, not over you. Make sure that you get the representation you deserve!