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In the Wake of 9/11, Asbestos Claims Even More Lives

In addition to the horrors endured by the brave first responders and victims at ground zero, 9/11 may result in even more deaths as time goes on. Reports indicate more than 2,000 people have now died from 9/11-related diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma, as a direct result of widespread chemical exposure during and after the attack. In comparison, the number of total fatalities at ground...

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Lung Disease: An Occupational Hazard for Painters

Health Risks for Painters Painters often deal with a host of health risks while on the job. From climbing tall ladders to inhaling potentially dangerous fumes, painters are not unfamiliar with taking health risks. Exposure to certain, solvents, additives, pigments, and other materials that may contain asbestos can potentially lead painters to develop serious health problems, including lung...

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Lung Cancer and Asbestos – How They are Related

When diagnosed with lung cancer, asbestos exposure could be to blame. This deadly mineral can trigger mesothelioma cancer and was widely considered a miracle substance because of its innate properties to endure harsh chemicals and also extreme heat. Stability and performance made it usable within multiple industries and many employed within these industries became victims of mesothelioma. Those...

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Lung Cancer and Asbestos: A Deadly Dyad

It was not until the mid-1900s that the connection between lung cancer and asbestos was suitably established, following a rash of illnesses seen by medical professionals around the country in the years following the Industrial Revolution. It would take another three decades before the U.S. government began taking official action against asbestos manufacturers, but by that time, it was too late...

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Understanding the Connection between Lung Cancer and Asbestos

Lung cancer and asbestos are two things that many people do not automatically associate as related. For a lot of us, the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of lung cancer is cigarette smoke. And indeed, about 90 percent of lung cancers are the direct result of smoking—making tobacco the single most preventable health risk in existence, according to the World Health Organization....

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