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There are numerous types of medical conditions a person can develop, but few have the impact on a person’s life—or their family’s—like cancer. This often-life-threatening condition not only has the potential to be fatal, but it can diminish the quality of life drastically.

And although more and more people are actually surviving cancer diagnoses today, the number of individuals who are facing the serious illness has increased. What one report once said was a 1 in 3 risk, may be closer now to a 1 in 2 risk.

Why is this happening? How are more people becoming susceptible to such a difficult and life-changing illness? Unfortunately, there are various reasons a person may develop different types of cancer from our diets to known carcinogens.

In 2018, there were over 30,000 people diagnosed with mesothelioma—a form of cancer that is often detected far later than it should, often leaving very little to no time for treatment. Of that number, 26,000 or so may pass away.

Overall, the amount of people developing cancer and the mortality rate is increasing over the last two decades. In 2002, there were 10.9 million cases of cancer resulting in over 6.7 million deaths. Six years later, the number increased to 12.7 million cases and 7.6 million deaths.

In 2012, there were 14.1 million cases of cancer and 8.2 million deaths. This past year, including all forms of cancer, there were over 18 million cases of cancer. The result? 9.6 million deaths. One doctor predicted that by 2035, roughly 23 million people each year will be diagnosed with cancer.

Something needs to change. There has to be something to prevent individuals from exposure to cancer-causing materials and products, including asbestos. The longer these products are on the market and the more use they experience, the higher the cancer rates will rise.

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