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Treatment options for mesothelioma widely vary and there are many medical procedures that are often considered when someone is initially diagnosed with this condition. We know it’s not curable, but the idea of treatment is to help alleviate the pain and conditions associated with it.

While surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and other methods are often used to treat mesothelioma, there may be an alternative option to help with pain relief—music. This is attributed to a new study from the European Journal of Cancer Care.

What the Study Suggests

Pain is a widely known symptom associated with mesothelioma. However, the study had cancer patients listen to music on a regular basis (five times a week). Based on the results, many of the mesothelioma patients started feeling better around six weeks after the testing started.

The study called for 30 minutes of music five times a week with the patient picking from different types of music to which they could listen. The results left researches optimistic as those who underwent the home-based music intervention (HBMI) saw reduced fatigue both mentally and physically.

Following six weeks of the treatment, a large majority of the patient reported a five-point decrease in the severity of their symptoms. After the 12-week mark, the results were as seven-point drop. Finally, after six months, they reported a roughly nine-point drop in severity.

Moving Forward with Mesothelioma

Enduring mesothelioma is never easy. There’s no cure and it can make it difficult to remain positive throughout the duration of treatment. However, there are options to help alleviate some of the symptoms you may experience from the condition.

As for obtaining justice, know that you have rights to move forward throughout the process. Our mesothelioma attorneys are here to help you recognize your rights and options to pursue compensation following a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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