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The effects of receiving treatment for mesothelioma can be different for each person who endures it. Before starting treatment, it can be difficult to predict how you will feel or if you will feel well enough to keep conducting your daily activities, such as going to work.

Read on to learn more about whether it’s possible to work while receiving mesothelioma treatment.

Working While Receiving Mesothelioma Treatment

Some patients may choose to work during the course of treatment, while others may not feel comfortable enough to do so. Choosing whether you should work while undergoing treatment is a very personal decision and should hinge on your particular situation and desires.

Some elements to consider when making the decision about continuing to work include:

  • The type of work you do
  • How far along the cancer has progressed
  • The type of care you are administered
  • The symptoms and side effects you experience

Job Lock

Since health insurance is tied to labor in the United States, many cancer patients feel obligated to work while undergoing treatment because losing health benefits would be detrimental. This phenomenon is referred to as job lock.

Studies show that about one in three cancer survivors in the United States report that they or their families have experienced job lock. This suggests “that job lock is common and has implications for the well-being and careers of both survivors and their families.”

Mesothelioma Patients Deserve Justice

If you’ve developed mesothelioma as a result of working with asbestos, you may be owed compensation for the expenses related to your illness as well as the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office with your questions right away.

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