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Many people advocate the use of low-dose aspirin to help with heart health. Now, people are talking about using the same aspirin to help with mesothelioma.

Two new studies looked at patients with head and neck cancer, as well as patients with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), which has similar characteristics as mesothelioma. If the new study is accurate, anti-inflammatory medication like aspirin can help fight the growth cells present in malignant mesothelioma and other forms of cancer.

This study is one of the first instances in which researchers have brought up the use of aspirin for cancer survival.

Use of Aspirin with Other Treatment Options

Aspirin is only part of the solution. The study using lung cancer patients had individuals take aspirin to help with their survival. Those patients who took the aspirin lived about five months longer than patients who did not take the aspirin. At the two-year mark in the group taking aspirin, 57% of patients were still alive. Of the group not taking aspirin, only 48% of the group was still living at the two-year mark.

Patients in the head and neck cancer had treatment focused on chemotherapy and radiotherapy, combined with the use of aspirin. In this study, the aspiring did not impact the cancer treatment, but the patients who did take aspirin lived longer. At the five-year mark, patients who took low-dose aspirin regularly had an eight percent survival rate.

Longer, Higher Quality Life

Mesothelioma symptoms can be devastating. Patients who suffer from this fatal disease tire quickly. They’re more fatigued, and the quality of life decreases over a short time. However, if aspirin can help with a prolonged prognosis, it may be worth discussing the option with your doctor.

The longer life can also help mesothelioma patients pursue compensation from the party responsible for asbestos exposure. Our mesothelioma attorneys at Shrader & Associates aim to be by your side through the entire process, helping you and your family understand your rights.

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