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So far, more than 700,000 claimants have received a mesothelioma settlement or trial award for their asbestos-related injuries-how do you know if you are among this ever-increasing number? Contacting a qualified mesothelioma lawyer is certainly the best way to get this and all of your most pressing questions answered. But for general information and insight, refer to the helpful ‘Question & Answer’ section below.

Legal Compensation Q & A

Question: How do I know if I am one of the thousands of mesothelioma victims eligible to receive compensation?

Answer: If you have fallen ill after being exposed to asbestos-even if it has been decades since that initial exposure-then you are most likely eligible to receive at least one form of compensation. Depending on the type and nature of your exposure, there are actually a few types that you may qualify for, including workers’ compensation, VA benefits and disability from the Social Security Administration.

Whether or not any or all of these types of compensation is possible in your case, you are still very likely to be eligible to receive a mesothelioma settlement or trial award through the U.S. civil court system.

Question: What do I need to prove that I am deserving of compensation?

Answer: Before filing a mesothelioma claim on your behalf, your chosen attorney will want to compile evidence of two things: that you have been conclusively diagnosed with mesothelioma and that you were exposed to asbestos prior to that diagnosis. Depending on how the exposure occurred, when and where your claim will be filed against one or more negligent parties. Usually, these are manufacturers or distributors of asbestos-made products. Employers are generally protected from liability through workers’ compensation law, and if you are a veteran, you should know that the U.S. military is never named as a defendant in any mesothelioma claim.

Question: How can I receive a settlement if I do not know where or how I was exposed to asbestos?

Answer: Even if you have limited knowledge about your past exposure (and little or no proof that it even occurred), an attorney that specializes in toxic tort litigation will most likely be able to help you. These legal experts know the ins and outs of courtroom law regarding asbestos and are also experienced in compiling the evidence necessary through sometimes lengthy and complex investigations. Not having the documentation on-hand to prove your asbestos exposure is NOT a prerequisite for receiving compensation, and ALL mesothelioma victims are strongly advised to contact an attorney as soon as possible after diagnosis to determine what their legal options are.