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Drinking alcohol can have an extremely negative impact on your cancer treatments. This is especially true in mesothelioma cases, as studies have researched possible links between alcohol and the development of mesothelioma symptoms. If you are undergoing treatment for mesothelioma, it’s important to ask your medical care providers about how your drinking habits could affect your medications and therapies.

Cancer treatments can have a devastating effect on your physical, emotional, and mental health. When you’re fighting for your life, it can be difficult to abstain from small comforts and pleasures. Unfortunately, a part of your mesothelioma treatment is altering your diet and making healthier life choices. This includes abstaining from alcohol. Depending on your specific circumstances, a doctor may allow you to drink on the rare occasion and in great moderation. However, this depends entirely upon the treatments you’re undergoing. In some cases, a little alcohol can be a necessary boost to your appetite. Always ask your doctor before taking additional chances with your health.

A common treatment for mesothelioma patients is chemotherapy. While it can be effective, it has many physical side effects that interact poorly with alcohol. It may be tempting to indulge on a bad day, but mixing alcohol with chemotherapy drugs is a dangerous combination. For example, alcohol can exacerbate side effects such as mouth sores, nausea, and dehydration.

Most importantly, the survival times of mesothelioma patients who drink alcohol is significantly less. Before you take any risks, discuss the situation with your medical care provider.

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